Stock Price Trend Analysis

Trend analysis provides a simple basis for review of stock price movements.

Most charting techniques revolve around general stock price trends and apply a range of sometimes complex algorithms to deliver stock buy / sell recommendations.

A simple trend analysis where the price over time is plotted and from this range lines applied can provide indicators for future stock performance.

Our Stock Price Trend Analysis is built using current Google Finance Data in a Google Documents spreadsheet. It applies closing price data for the period of Days under analysis to calculate the trend and range of stock prices over the period. From these a trend line is plotted (Red) and a High (Green) and Low (Yellow) added.

The chart below applies real time and historical stock or index prices from Google finance to determine the expected range of price and indicate possible inflection points for buy sell decisions.

This simple stock price indicator leads itself to the application of a few basic trading rules:

Buy Rule

Sell Rule 1

Sell Rule 2

Hold Rule

Current Trend Analysis - DJI